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An Introduction to Lima’s Indie Music Scene in 12 Songs

Actualizado: 3 abr 2019

Lima’s Indie music scene grows every weekend, in hot and crowded venues where young Peruvians dance and mosh to songs they’ve turned into lifelong anthems. It grows every time an indie rock, dream pop or psychedelic band is invited to perform live on television or at big local music festivals like Selvámonos; or when they travel outside of Peru to play at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. The production quality continues to get better as Peruvian indie rock bands start branching out of their scene into new audiences. These 12 songs showcase the best independent music you’ll find in Lima every weekend.

Norfolk, Laikamori

Under the leadership of an anonymous musical genius, Laikamori performs its experimental dream pop completely covered in black clothes and paint, wearing a mask encrusted with diamond-like stones, to concentrate on the aesthetics of their music. Norfolk is a dream pop song with experimental psychedelic guitar solos, almost landscape like music. Laikmori has an Icelandic taste in their songs, and the band has been compared with Danish band Sleepy Party People.

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